Before your appointment

Wondering what you should do before your appointment?

DO come with your hair brushed. Freshly brushed! Rigorously brushed! This ensures all your loose strands or strands that are on the brink of shedding are eliminated, making the chances of your sparkles being installed to strong, rooted hairs higher…this meaning your sparkles will last much longer.

DO come with your hair clean. Clean hair is not only pleasant, but like with brushing before hand, showering eliminates hairs that are ready to go so we don’t risk installing sparkles to strands that are dangerously near the end of their lifecycles.

DON’T come with wet hair. A wee bit damp is ok, but wet hair makes it hard to isolate a single hair to tie the sparkles to.

DON’T come with product in your hair. Dry shampoo isn’t a huge prob, but oils, gels, hair spray, etc. can cause the same issues for us as wet hair can…binding multiple hairs together making it hard to isolate a single hair as we do.