How do silk hair sparkles work?

Our professional hair sparklers  will help you choose colors to match your personal style, and then we attach each shimmering silk strand to an individual hair. The silk stays in until the hair sheds.

Where can I get silk hair sparkles?

Visit us at Frayla Boutique or other pop-up sites. Don’t want to drive? Just book an in-home appointment. We also do parties at your location in the Pikes Peak area including Colorado Springs, Manitou, Black Forest, and Monument. For more information, see our pricing page.

How much does hair sparkle cost?

With standard appointments from five to 30 sparkles, we have options for your budget. For more information, see our pricing page.

Can you put sparkles in curly hair?

Sure, silk hair sparkles work with all hair textures including straight, curly, and wavy.

Do hair sparkles work with short hair?

Hair must be at least two inches long.

Can you put hair sparkles in men’s and children’s hair?


Which color is best for me?

We have 25+ colors ranging from subtle to fabulous. Whether you want a subtle statement or to make a big impression, there are silk hair sparkles for you. Let our professional sparklers help you choose when you book an appointment.

How do I get ready for my hair sparkling appointment?

Wash your hair to remove sticky products, and gently brush it to remove loose hairs near the end of their growth cycles. For best results, we recommend not using any hair products such as gel or hair spray because it makes it difficult to attach the sparkle to strands, but after your appointment, feel free to use gel and hairspray in your regular hair routine.

How long do silk hair sparkles last?

Each sparkle lasts until the hair to which it is attached is shed. To help them last longer, brush your hair out before your sparkling appointment, so we don’t attach the silk sparkles to any hairs that are at the end of their growth cycles. After your appointment, be gentle when brushing out your hair. If it is difficult to brush through your hair, consider a leave-in hair conditioner. Avoid tight ponytails for long periods because this can increase shedding. See aftercare.

Is it OK to shower with silk hair sparkles?

Yes. Just be gentle when brushing out your hair. See aftercare.

Is it OK to use a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron with hair sparkles?

Yes, the silk can be heated up 450F, so it can withstand your styling routines like natural human hair. See aftercare.

Are hair tinsel and silk sparkles the same?

No, hair tinsel is plastic, and our Lucky Locks sparkles are made of high-quality silk, which lasts longer in hair, weighs less, has a more natural texture, and withstands higher heat than hair tinsel. Lucky Locks silk is  biodegradable, while tinsel is not as friendly to the environment.

Are fairy hair and silk hair sparkles the same?

Lucky Locks hair sparkles are the perfect way to add a magical, glittery look for fairies, pixies, sprites, nymphs, mermaids, and mermen.

Are silk sparkles a kind of hair extension?

No, there are many differences. Hair extensions are designed to look like natural hair but longer, while Lucky Locks stand out and match the length of your natural hair. Hair extensions are often made of donated human hair or human-made fibers such as Nylon, while Lucky Locks are based on silk.

Do silk sparkles damage your hair?

No. The application process does not involve any heat or chemicals such as glue or gel. Hair extensions and ponytails can cause traction alopecia by constantly pulling on the hair, but Lucky Locks silk strands are lightweight.

Does it hurt to get silk hair sparkles?

You may feel a tug as the silk strands are installed, but we have not had any complaints, even from children.

Where do you get silk hair sparkles?

Let our professionals discuss your needs and install high-quality silk hair sparkles when you book an appointment.

How do you put glitter in your hair?

There are a few ways that people put glitter in hair. Some people mix regular glitter with hair gel, but it’s temporary and can be messy. Don’t get us started on plastic hair tinsel. Call us bias, but for a glittery hair style, we recommend silk hair sparkles! Just book an appointment, and let us take care of your hair.

What kind of parties do you do?

We would love to help you celebrate your birthday, quinceañera, bachelorette party, staff appreciation, retreat, holiday, or other party. See our parties page.

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