Interested in booking a *sparkle party*? Party information and pricing

Sparkle Service Packages

Walk-ins & Pop-up’s

Appointments and walk-ins are available at certain hours at Frayla’s Boutique at 18 East Fountain Blvd (Map). Frayla is open Thursday-Sunday, and I regularly take appointments at my sparkle studio inside of Frayla Boutique on Thursdays and Saturdays: see the booking page for the latest schedule.

10 strands for $30
20 strands for $60
strands for $90
strands for $120
and so on.

$10 per feather + $5 per installation (per bead)

1 feather = $15
2 feathers, 1 install / placement = $25
feathers, 2 installs / placements = $30
and so on.

$10 per feather reinstall/placement
(bring your feather[s] from your past appointment with Lucky Locks)

Mobile appointments

Mobile appointments are available in the Colorado Springs and the greater Pikes Peak area including Monument, Manitou, and Black Forest. If a sparkler is heading to you, these are the appointment minimums.

$90 minimum for private appointments (that is 30 sparkles for 1 person).
(If you want less sparkle for yourself, share among 1-3 people)

We have something we call the “host / guest split” where each individual pays for their desired sparkle package and we stay as long as it takes to sparkle everyone in your group.
After everyone is sparkled, we will calculate the earnings, and if our rate of $200/hr is not met, the overages will be charged to the host.
(ie. 5 people get sparkled in 2 hours and total paid to your Sparkler ends up being $350, the host will pay Sparkler the remaining $50 to meet the $400 rate for 2 hours)

When you schedule an appointment, please select a service package each individual will be wanting to block out enough time. We are typically flexible and try not to book appointments too back to back, in case you change your mind and want more sparkles than you originally booked for. However, an estimate is helpful beforehand.

We offer 20 miles of roundtrip travel as a complimentary service.
After the 20 miles of travel are met, a .50/mile fee will be added to the total of your appointment.

Payment methods

You can pay with
Cash • Debit • Credit • Venmo

Cancellation policy

If you would like to cancel your appointment, please provide a 48-hour notice.