A question that commonly precedes us diving into aftercare details is: “Can I wash my hair after I get sparkled?” The answer is – of course! You can even bleach, dye & chemically treat your hair with Lucky Locks in.

•The strands are attached to one hair with a knot that will never slip, but when you shed that hair your sparkle is attached to, obviously you’ll have to say toodles to that sparkle too. We all shed 50-150 hairs per day, so the more you do to keep your shedding to a minimum…that’s the overarching answer to apply all your common sense to caring for your sparkling hair.

•Most strands are found in the shower or in brushes, so heed the following pieces of advice:

•Brushing: Hold a section of your hair in a fist as a buffer between your roots and knots, brush your ends, climbing up toward the roots (rather than starting at the roots). This will minimize repeated tension on your follicles therefore minimize shedding & breakage higher up on your hair strands. Brush as frequently as necessary to keep tangles from forming which will cause you to snag your fingers in your hair, or will make it harder to brush later. We love @thewetbrush because it’s gentle on your hair yet great with tangles.

•Washing: We encourage good hygiene, but oils from your scalp are good for you! Washing less means you will shed less, so try keeping your hair out of the shower equation a few times a week. We love the fashionable @shhhowercap to keep our hair dry.

•At the salon: Our sparkles have impressed stylists because the little buggers survive all kinds of abuse in the name of beauty. However, the thinning shears do seem to be the sparkle’s kryptonite, what with their tiny teeth and razor edge. Pass if you can.

•Flat ironing: If you have curly hair & you don’t use heat tools, you may notice your sparkles getting a tad bent up. If you have access to a straightening iron, try running the iron over your hair bundled with the sparkles every so often, just to iron out the kinks & keep those sparkles lookin’ fresh. Never run the iron over the sparkles alone, always join them with some hair.

•Sparkles are the most low-maintenance yet high-impact thing you can do to your hair. So relax & enjoy!