Host Paid Events

$200 per hour, per professional Sparkler hired

In 1 hour, 1 professional sparkler can tie 40-50 sparkle strands.

If you have an estimated amount of people who may be interested in sparkles, multiply that by the amount of strands you desire each guest to get (we require a minimum of 5 and suggest up to 10. See minimum reasoning in notes below). Use that number to figure how many hours and how many Sparklers you would need to hire for your event. We are happy to help you navigate this.


Mobile appointments are available in the Colorado Springs and the greater Pikes Peak area including Monument, Manitou, and Black Forest.

We offer 20 miles of roundtrip travel as a complimentary service.
After the 20 miles of travel are met, a .50/mile fee will be added to the total of your appointment.

Upon scheduling with your Sparkler, arrange to pay half down, to secure your place on their calendar.

You can pay with:
Cash • Debit • Credit • Venmo

Please provide us at least 48 hour notice if, for some reason, you need to cancel the booking for your event. If booking is cancelled within less than 48 hours before event, to make up for unexpected loss of work, your down payment will not be refunded. We hope you understand.

18 East Fountain Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (Map)