What are Lucky Locks?

Lucky Locks are fine strands of sparkling silk made for your hair and available 25+ colors for you to choose a look that’s uniquely yours. Unlike plastic hair tinsel, Lucky Locks sparkles are attached to a single strand of your hair and will remain with you until that hair naturally sheds. There is no glue or loops to avoid while caring for your hair because Lucky Locks installation method allow for the silk to be firmly tied to a single strand of hair. Being made of fine silk, these sparkly strands are surprisingly sturdy and withstand heat tools up to 450℉, hair coloring, lightening, cutting, and of course, regular washing and brushing.

Silk hair sparkles are perfect for any occasion from elegant formal events to fun vacation vibes. Being made of fine threads of silk, they are lightweight and flexible allowing them to take on the personality of your hair and work in all hair textures. If you want to keep yours sparkles fresh, an appointment every 6-8 weeks will keep your locks shimmering at their best. Lucky Locks silk sparkles add a perfect pop of color and shine to any hair style and match your vibe.

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How long do Lucky Locks silk hair sparkles last?

Sparkles can last anywhere from a day to a year…in a handful of cases, 2 years! With our method, the sparkles will never ever slip out, they will only come out when the individual hair your sparkle is attached to is ready to naturally shed.

•We lose anywhere from 50-150 hairs per day, so losing a few sparkles at first is natural and impossible to predict…but don’t fret, send that sparkle away along with a wish! The rest of your sparkles should stick around with you for more time.

•We use our expertise to carefully select a safe placement and strong hair to tie our feather-light sparkles to, and even if a similar method to ours is used with a different product (hair tinsel) because Lucky Locks are lighter and more flexible, the strands have less weight on the individual hair, meaning they won’t prematurely pull the hair from its follicle.

Average longevity for Lucky Locks in various hair types are as follows:

Coarse-haired adults & children:
6-10 months

Fine-haired adults:
2-6 months

Fine-haired children:
1 week-2 months